Joy in Giving

It’s the holidays, but you knew that didn’t you?  Everywhere you turn you see or hear the word “JOY”.  It’s used in quite a few Christmas hymns and songs.  It graces the front of Christmas cards.  People on the next block over from me even have the word in lights in their front yard.

Photo Credit: worobod via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: worobod via Compfight cc


We’ve all heard the saying “the joy of giving”; it’s true.  You do experience joy when you give from your heart.  So that’s good; one more step realized in this joy journey we’re on.  We’ll have to make note of that; all year there is joy is giving.

Yesterday, on my blog “A Life Well Penned”, I wrote about my dad and how difficult it was figuring out what to buy for him.  At least his birthday and Christmas were both in December, so I only had a few frustrating weeks of decision making.  After all these years I’ve finally realized how my gifts for my dad can tell us something about gifts we can present to God.  And yes, God likes gifts too!

Take a second and click on over and let me know if you think I’ve made a decent connection between the two!


Stay Well! ~ Live Joyfully!


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