Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I’ve been seeing doctors for about three years now to get to the bottom of why I’m always tired and in some sort of pain or discomfort.  I still seem to get to work every day and do my best despite it all.  I’m learning how to deal with it and what to do.  That’s not the problem today.  No, today, now this is a whole different story. 

Let’s go back to the previous two days that led up to this moment.  About two days ago I started having, well, let’s just say tummy problems.  I haven’t been able to keep anything on my tummy so I gave up trying to eat.  I’ve made it to work each day and home each night to a hot bath and bed.  Fast forward back to today.  I made the mistake of picking up a smoothie on the way to work.  My stomach decided to emphasize the fact that it was a mistake and thought the smoothie should go back up and out where it came from.

I ended up leaving work half way through the day.  I had wonderful visions of a hot bath, warm jammies, comfy recliner, the remote control and my puppy in my lap as I dozed off into la la land.  Just before I left I had a call from my son saying he was leaving school because his cough, due to his upper respiratory infection, was making his lungs tired and sore.  I sat back down at my desk to call his doctor.  They said to stop and get him a certain cough medicine on my way home and watch him over the weekend.  On my half hour drive to go home and rest and be close to my own bathroom I got a call from my daughter.  She was at work and needed me to drop something off to her.  So now, in my haste to get to my bathroom again I had to stop at the drug store and pick up something for my kids and then make another stop at my daughters work for her needed delivery.  I got home to find my son in the comfy recliner looking like death warmed over and holding the remote control.  I administered the cough syrup as directed and headed in to enjoy the nice warm bath.  Upon exiting my bathroom I received another phone call, this time it was my daughter, who I had just seen 30 minutes ago, letting me know she was on her way home after losing her lunch at work. I placed a piece of bread in the toaster and joined my son in the living room, having to take the couch as the prior mentioned recliner was still filled with my 17 year old.  My daughter arrived home and my son decided to go into bed for a nap.  As I looked over at the recliner my daughter sat down in it, kicked back, picked up the remote and turned the channel to her own viewing pleasure.  Said puppy jumped up in her lap to comfort her and nap with her. 

It’s now been a couple hours of sitting on the couch, watching my daughter’s choice of programming and my husband has finally returned from work.  As he leaned over and kissed my forehead and he asked what he could run and get me from the store I opened my mouth to reply my much desired list of chicken soup and graham crackers but before the words could be uttered my daughter proclaims her desire of Vernors to her father. 

I guess even when your children turn 17 and 20; your own sickness plays second fiddle to their needs.  I guess I should savor the time while they are still in our home.  And maybe one day, yes one day, I’ll have the recliner and the remote to myself!  But for now I’ll go wake my son for his next dose of cough syrup, right after I stop by the bathroom!