Don’t forget your umbrella!

It was raining when I left for work Thursday.  Not just a drizzle, or the kind of light, steady rain you’re thankful for so that you don’t have to water your lawn.  No, this was a downpour.  As I headed in the mudroom to the hanging rack I noticed my umbrella was not in its normal spot.  Yep, it was in the car.  I was about to be exposed to the elements without its protection.  I took it the last time the weather man called for rain and that rain never came.  So the umbrella sat on the floor of my car dry as a desert.

Due to the fact that we don’t have a garage and I was going to have to hurry along the side walk and around the side of the house to my car, I wasn’t in a rush to leave so I paused at the backdoor.  As I stood there and looked at the rain I thought about how I’d love to have the covering of my pink striped umbrella on my way to my vehicle.  I thought of how uncomfortable I was going to be in the wet clothes for the first hour or so at work until they dried out.  I thought about my naturally curly hair that was going to get wet and frizz and twist in all the wrong directions now.  In that brief pause, it occurred to me how important it is to have the protection from the elements when you need them. 

Isn’t that how our lives are with Christ too?  In Ephesians 6 we are told about the armor of the Lord and how we are to put on each piece to protect us in our daily lives.  Starting our day with prayer and bible study is crucial to helping us get through the drudgery, stress, conflict, temptation and personalities we’ll encounter during our waking hours. 

I’m not a morning person, so adding one more thing that’s going to cut down the number of times I hit the snooze button isn’t something I find too appealing.  But looking at it in this light, I can see how using my first quiet moments of the morning to suit up in my armor could make the difference in how my day turns out.

God is already aware of my weaknesses and He’s already aware of what I’m about to encounter throughout my day.  A number of times I’ve read something in His Word in the evening or right before bed and I’ve thought, “Boy, I could’ve used that around two o’clock today.”  Hmmm? Maybe if I had read that in the morning, when two o’clock rolled around I would have been armed and ready to take my stand.  Standing firm; and conducting myself in a way that was pleasing to God and a witness for his Spirit in my life. 

I guess it’s time to change my routine.  The extra minutes I use in the word in the morning could make all the difference in how my day turns out.  How my responses are.  How my testimony stands. 

Here we go!  Setting the alarm to go off a little earlier tomorrow!