A few months ago our family went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. They had an IMAX theater that was showing the movie about the Hubble Telescope. Seeing the enormity of space and our solar system was amazing. But it didn’t stop there. The pictures went on to reveal yet another galaxy and another. Even with the magnifying power of the Hubble Telescope we are not able to see what’s beyond it’s photographic reach. I sat there feeling like a speck of dust. So tiny and so inconsequential in my existence. It utterly astounded me and left me speechless.

I’m writing this from window seat 16F of Flight 955 from Detroit, MI to Charlotte, NC. I’ll have a layover in Charlotte then board yet another plane to Augusta, GA. It’s 6:15 am and the view out my window lets me know dawn is about to break through the darkness. I can see city lights below me. It’s a beautiful site of it’s own, although it doesn’t quite compare to the Hubble images. There is a river of fog below covering sections of my view. It’s an oddly eerie site. But also kinda cool to see a fog laden city from above. From my seat on this plane I am flying over millions of people on this short south bound trip. But even if they were on their rooftops waving flags I wouldn’t be able to see them. And that’s from a view of merely a few thousand feet above. Now imagine the image of earth from the Hubble Telescope. It’s hard to even see the definition between the water and the land. There is no way to focus in on one person at all.

So why am I telling you all this? The vastness of the never ending universe is utterly breathtaking and an amazing intricate creation. I, on the other hand, sat there feeling like my existence was more comparable to a grain of sand if that. But yet, with all the beautiful planets, stars and galaxies God put into existence for His pleasure He decided to also create me. As trivial as my existence may be in the working scheme of this universe God looks down and sees me! He loves me! The tiny speck that I am is His focus. But not just me; He loves you too! He created each of us, made us each unique and love us! With all that’s out in space I matter to Him! YOU matter to Him! We matter so much that He gave His son for us.

Let me tell ya, I have a son. He’s 17. And as much as I’ve joked about giving him away, I would never do it. I’m sorry, but I would never give his life for you. I know that may sound harsh but you wouldn’t give up your son either. But God did. Can you believe that? He gave His only Son’s life because He knew it was only by the shedding of His son’s blood that we could ever be made whole. What a gift! I know if I ever gave that gift I would be devastated if it wasn’t accepted. If it was pushed aside one day as a piece of history some would believe is only an inspiring story. Or worse, that it wasn’t even true. But it was. And still is today. And it’s yours for the taking. Simply believe God’s Son died for you so that you could have a personal relationship with Him and accept the gift. Realize your importance to Him. You, that tiny speck, barely affecting the existence of our universe, are His focus and He loves YOU!