What is that awful smell?!?!?!

I have no clue.


Nada. Zip. Zilch.

If you spend any amount of time with me you will certainly come to find an interesting fact.  I have no sense of smell.  Yes.  For real.  Honest.

I can’t tell you why or how or actually even when this happened.  I can’t exactly remember ever having it.  My mom will tell you of a time I had to see a doctor because I had cysts in my nasal passages and I was on medication to dissolve them.  Yada.  Yada.  She said that’s the best she can come up with to answer the, “How did this happen?” question.

It’s quite possible I never had the gift of that smell to begin with.  Some individuals are born without other senses like sight and hearing.  Those two seem to be the first things you think of when you think of a person who has lost one of their senses.  Honestly, I’ll take a defunct smeller over those two any day.

I actually know a man who lost his sense of taste due to an operation he had to have.  I can’t imagine losing a sense you’ve always had.  He can’t satisfy that natural desire for something sweet or salty, or anything he gets a craving for.  The pleasure associated with food is gone.  As much as he has tried to eat various things in hopes that he may at some time be able find something he can taste, his search has been unfruitful.

Losing or being born without the sense of touch has to be horrible.  I’ve seen reports of children that do not have a sense of touch so they are in constant danger of hurting themselves.  They can set their hand on a stove burner, resulting in third degree burns, and never feel a thing.

Yep, of all the senses to lose, I would have chosen smell had I been given the choice.

Diaper days were probably a bit easier for me to deal with than a mom with a properly functioning sniffer.  The down side – I’ve never smelled a rose or wonderful bread baking in the oven.

The question I get asked the most once people find out about my “disability” is if I can taste food.  Well, all I know is that I can taste what I’m eating.  I don’t know if my taste has picked up the slack for my loss of smell or if my taste isn’t quite as strong as yours; either way, if I eat a potato it taste different than chocolate pudding.

Now this doesn’t seem to be a problem for me throughout my day to day life, it seems like more of a bother to everyone else.  Try to think about it for the rest of the day today, how many times do you, or someone around you mention some scent wafting through the air.  Well let me tell ya, it’s quite a bit.  My own mother still asks me to smell things.  I’ve got to the point where I tend to just go along with it with people I don’t know very well, sometimes that’s easier than going through a whole explanation and question and answer session leaving me feeling like I need to join a freak show.  So, yep, sometimes I’ll simply stick my sniffer toward whatever olfactory stimulating item you’re holding out and just nod and say, “nice”.  To those I’ve known for a while I usually just tilt my head and raise my eyebrows and get the patronizing, “Oh, yeah, sorry, I forgot” response.  Or better yet, the “Well just try this, maybe you’ll be able to smell this one.”  Yeah, that’s the favorite of my daughter.

So what’s the whole reason I’m telling you all this, well, no reason really.  Just makes me think how each one of us may have things going on, something that from looking on the outside no one would be able to tell.  Things we’ve each learned to live with or without in our own lives.  That’s part of what makes us all unique.  So I can’t smell and maybe you have six thumbs; that’s what makes me, me and you, you.  I guess I’m just thinking that if there is something about someone that they can’t change we shouldn’t hold that against them.  The color of their skin.  Their height.  A disability.  The shape of their face.  Look past those things at the personality, yep, that’s where you can decide that the individual won’t make your recent call list on your cell phone.  But not the things they can’t change.  That kind of judgment would actually be saying their Creator had made a mistake.  No life is a mistake in any form.  Unique, yes.  Mistake, no.