My grandson was born July 4, 2012. He’s an amazing little guy. Funny. Happy. Our little firecracker!

I have the awesome pleasure of babysitting him Monday through Friday while his mommy works. They also live here at home with us so I’m with him most all of the time.

I don’t know what makes a grandchild different from your own kids. Everyone says if they knew it was this fun then they would have had grandkids first. I get that. I can see where they are coming from. I guess I’m more relaxed with him. Most of what happens in the day to day I can say, been there done that, and take care of it with a bit of confidence. So maybe that’s what seems to make it “better”, “funner”. That nervous incompetence I felt of what to do with a new little life has already been dealt with in the past raising my own kids. However, skipping over my kids to have grandkids first would have eliminated the pleasure I get from watching my daughter grow as a loving, gentle mother. It’s so great to see!

Anyway…… If you sit and watch this little boy, there is so much to learn about living!

I’m on my laptop a lot. Probably too much. Yesterday I was reading a blog that I love to follow by Ann Voskamp; (I’d encourage you all to stop by and enjoy her writings. I’m also reading her book 1000 Gifts; her writing is so descriptive, literary and heart felt.) For some reason, my grandson decided that I needed to stop what I was doing and look at his incredible little 8 toothed grin. As my eyes were on the page he walked up and very gently placed his two chubby little palms on the lid to my laptop and pushed it down on to the keyboard. We just stared at each other for a minute – he was laughing. Proud of himself for getting my complete attention.

Now what……

Well, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to step back, throw his head over his right shoulder, push his arms behind him, palms up, like a super hero ready to fly away, and simply spin in circles. He would pause each time he passed in front of me to make sure I was watching and to giggle and spin once again. He kept this up until he was a little too dizzy to stand.

So what’s the lesson he taught me???? Sometimes you need to shut the lap top, put the phone down, turn off the tv and simply enjoy life where you are. Spin. Dance. Laugh. Just don’t get so caught up in our electronic avenues of information and mental clutter that you aren’t engaging in life with the people around you!