Let’s go back to the grocery store, but this time we’ll take coupons!

Last Monday I shared my secret tool for making grocery shopping easier: my list according to aisle, etc. You can go grab it if you haven’t yet.
Today I thought I’d share my tools for saving money with groceries.

When you have FM/CFS don’t have the time or energy to clip a ton of coupons and get them all nice and neat in a huge organizer.

To make it easier, but still save money; simply take the packet of coupons when you receive them and write the date on the top of the front page. Packets come from smartsource and red plum. Scan through the coupons to see when they expire and write the expiration date that is the furthest away on the front of the packet. You can then keep these packets in a pile or use a binder with page protector sheets and slide them in there until needed.

Now the good part! If you haven’t heard of the website www.couponmom.com, you really need to check it out. It’s free!  Here’s how it works; you click on the grocery store that you normally shop at and they’ve already compiled a list of the sale items and the coupons that correspond with the sale. The site tells you the coupon packet where you’ll find your needed coupon. There is a good introduction video on the site that gives you the low down

So now you have your list and you have your corresponding coupon book and now you just cut the coupons you need. Periodically go through your binder or pile (whichever you decided to use) and once you get to the expiration date that was written on the front of the coupon packet you simply throw the packet away.

No huge binder to carry to the store. No clipping coupons you’ll never use.

It saves a lot of time and work!

I also use an app called CouponKeeper. It uses your phone to scan the barcode on the coupon and then stores it. If you’re in need of something that isn’t for sale or listed at couponmom you can look it up on this app and it will tell you which coupon packet has a coupon for your needed item. It stores the coupons with the information of the packet the same way couponmom does. It lists if the packet is smartsource or red plum and what date you received the coupon in the mail.

So there you have it! A very simple way to save some money!

Stay Well! ~ Live Joyfully!


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