The White Powder I Have To Have

$30.  That was the cost for my month’s supply.  Each hit is 5 grams of white powder.

I’ve been on the white powdery happiness before.  It helps.  I don’t know why I stopped.

The past two weeks my brain has been on vacation.  I haven’t been able to finish sentences or even come up with simple words in conversation.

I needed it.

Each hit brings back some clarity to my brain.  It’s like you’ve been looking through a window with dog nose smudges and sticky baby hand prints.  The powder mixes in your system and starts to run through your veins and it’s like you’ve grabbed a rag and Windex and the window becomes clear again.

I was holding back from making the purchase.  Trying to justify the price.

I came home Wednesday and my supply was on the counter.  My husband had busted through my inability to make the purchase on my own.  He needed me to have it.

It had been a long time since my last hit.  I took the scoop and slowly poured the 5 grams into my glass.  Stirring until it was completely dissolved.  I didn’t feel much.

Later that day I repeated my consumption.  A second dose.  A bit of clarity, a bit of energy.

I spread out three scoops per day through the course of Thursday and Friday.  Each hit increasing my mental clarity and energy.

There have been two so far today.  I feel like I’m almost human again.  Less like a wet rag and more like a productive person.

I don’t know why I stopped before.  The money I guess.  It adds up.  But what value can you put on a functioning brain and energy your body can’t produce on its own.  Once I feel half human again I’ll cut back to twice a day.  It doesn’t take me back to before I became ill, but it helps.

My drug of choice – D-ribose.  A white, sweet tasting powder that you can mix in juice or any drink.  It’s actually a form of sugar that your cells use for energy.  It’s amazing for fibro fog and CFS.  It’s marketed for exercise recovery and support.  Isn’t that what CFS feels like.  You’ve just ran a marathon but you didn’t.  ribose

I’m hooked.  I have to add this to my daily regime and keep it there.  Why stop a good thing?  I recommend you ask your doctor if you can give it a try; be sure he approves first.  It’s available at most vitamin stores.  You need to let it build in your system for a week or so.  Give it time. See if it’s right for you!

Stay Well, Live Joyfully!


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