19 Years Later

Sometimes we won’t ever hear the outcome of our good deeds, kindness, or loving words.  Even if the effects were life changing.

We knew a man who worked with the youth group at his church; running activities, teaching, and befriending the teens who attended.  One young girl found herself in a rough situation.  She was pregnant.  Her parents wanted her to abort the baby; doing it in secret so life could go on as normal.

In speaking with the young girl this youth worker could tell that the baby was indeed wanted.  Going against the counsel of others; he was supportive to the girl and her desire to keep her child.

Having difficulties through her pregnancy the young girl found herself in the hospital.  Her mother went to see her and even through a very heated argument the mother was unable to talk her daughter into an abortion.  She climbed on top of the young girl in her hospital bed and began to punch her in the stomach; trying to kill the baby herself.  This youth worker was in the room visiting her at the time and had to forcibly remove the mother off this young girl.  The mother was escorted out of the hospital.

The youth worker left the church after people heard the story and some thought he had no business counseling the young girl about her options.  He knew that he shouldn’t get between teens and their parents but in this situation he thought the girl needed to know what her options were for keeping the child she apparently wanted to have.

Nineteen years later, the youth worker had a job of caretaker at a local cemetery.  As he was cleaning up around old tomb stones the man saw a young woman kneeling and crying at a grave.  He approached the girl slowly and noticed that the headstone bore the name of the mother who had tried to forcibly make her daughter abort her unborn child.

Through tears the young girl explained that the deceased was her grandmother.

Our friend didn’t ask questions; he thought it would be inappropriate at the time so we aren’t exactly sure what happened in those 19 years.  Did this grandmother ever have a relationship with her daughter and grand-daughter?  Did the grand-daughter know this woman didn’t want her to be born?  Was the girl here in sadness of the loss of her grandmother or was it as a way of mourning a relationship she never had?  We don’t have the answers to these questions.  I wish we did.

See for the previous 19 years this man never knew what had happened with the young girl.  Now, almost two decades later he was able to see that the child had indeed been born.  His kindness and support had been needed in the heart of this young girl as she wasn’t able to find it in her parents.

A loving and supportive discussion can make such a huge difference in the lives of those that are troubled and distraught.  If we watch our words and use them in just such a manner we can make a huge impact.  Even if we may never know to what extent.

31 days

This post is part of the Nester’s 31 Day Challenge; Writing on the same topic each day of the month of October.  Click on over to the Challenge to find a number of topics and authors ranging from Simplicity & Organizing to Personal Endeavors. You can head back here and scroll to the bottom of this post for a listing of all 31 days of Good News & Good People Doing Good Things.



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