Ed Wares Woodworking Reaches Children In South Korea

Ed Wares grew up around wood in Massachusetts.  His parents owned a sawmill and he spent most of his childhood there.  He currently lives in Tennessee in a log cabin that he built 80% by himself.

It seems like a natural fit that he would become a woodworker.  He estimates he’s made more than a thousand wooden toy cars in addition to countless other woodworking projects. His motivation is bringing happiness to the children that will eventually play with his creations.  He feels it’s a way for him to give thanks to God by doing good things for His children.  He has one or two toys on hand at all times and is happy to pass them out to any child he meets.

Ed and his grandson in the workshop

Ed and his grandson in the workshop

Mr. Wares’ daughter Sabrina is a program manager for the Air Force Technical Applications Center and when he heard they were sponsoring an orphanage in South Korea he naturally wanted to help.  He started right away, carving the little wood toys in his workshop.  More than 100 of his little wood cars made their way to the Chechon Children’s Home, 75 miles southeast of Seoul in time for Christmas last year.
The orphanage was founded in 1962 by Jane White, an American missionary.  Since 1966 the airmen from AFTAC’s 452nd Detachment have sponsored the orphanage and helped provide for the children.  Originally functioning solely from donations and sponsors the orphanage now receives some government funding and helps the children transition into their adult life once they are able to leave the orphanage with life skill seminars and other programs.   With facility large enough to house 90 children from birth to 18 they take in abandoned babies and children from unwed mothers or families that for a time are unable to care for their children; with the intention to reunite them once the families have been equipped to care for them again.

Crossing national borders; good people doing good things.

31 days

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