Mail Carrier’s Kindness Changes The Life Of A WWII Veteran

Jeana Wade is a mail carrier in Petersburg, Virginia.   While working her route one day she was stopped by 88 year old Al Emory; a widower and WWII veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne (the first airborne division sent overseas to battle).  Mr. Emory, disabled from the war, told Jeana that he wasn’t able to read or write very well and he was concerned he wasn’t going to be able to get his disability checks delivered to his new address  Jeana helped him with the necessary paperwork to assure that his meager assistance checks would be delivered properly.  Having lost her father one year earlier she was drawn to the elderly man and the two quickly became friends.

Mr. Emory & Jeana Wade

Mr. Emory & Jeana Wade
– photo source Mr. Emory Act Of Kindness facebook page

Entering his trailer one day Jeana found the conditions Mr. Emory was living in to be quite appalling.  Having no close family to assist him; an 83 year old brother in Arkansas who he hasn’t seen in over ten years; Jeana decided she couldn’t walk away or close her eyes on his condition.  The camping trailer he lived in had no air conditioning, no hot water, no stove or furnace, and most of the electrical did not work.  There was extensive water damage causing the wood cupboards to rot and the counters to become warped.  The inside was full of roaches, bed bugs and garbage.

Feeling she had no other option but to help, Jeana rolled up her sleeves and began to clean Mr. Emory’s filthy trailer as best as she could.  Her son-in-law installed a window air conditioner to help the sweltering summer heat be a bit more bearable. She stops by after work at least 4 days a week to clean and cook for him.  She takes him shopping, does his laundry, helps him pay his bills and takes him to the VA hospital for his appointments.

As news of Mr. Emory’s living conditions began to spread, efforts were made to begin a fundraiser to purchase a new trailer for him.  Due to the efforts of donations, both online and through the community, a new trailer has been selected and they are waiting for just a few more donations to make his new home a reality.

If you’d like to help in anyway please contact Jeana through the Mr. Emory – Act of Kindness Facebook Page or the online fundraiser site that has been started in his name.  The online site for donations will remain open until October 31, 2013.

31 days

This post is part of the Nester’s 31 Day Challenge; Writing on the same topic each day of the month of October.  Click on over to the Challenge to find a number of topics and authors ranging from Simplicity & Organizing to Personal Endeavors. You can head back here and scroll to the bottom of this post for a listing of all 31 days of Good News & Good People Doing Good Things.


3 thoughts on “Mail Carrier’s Kindness Changes The Life Of A WWII Veteran

  1. Thank you so much for posting this story. I’m Jeana’s Mother and I am in awe of everything that has transpired – from her finding the old man by the mailbox to where it all is presently and the future to come for both her and Mr Emory. I firmly believe God put him in her path to test us all – like he was asking “now what are you going to do for this poor man who gave his all so you could live the good life?” So many from all over the world have responded. Its just an amazing story of kindness, good will, acknowledgement of a forgotten hero, and appreciation better late than never !!!!!

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