9/11 Reflections

My husband is a crane operator at a steal factory.  Sunday at 1 pm they are to park the cranes, silence their radios, and have one minute of remembrance of the events and the lives lost on 9/11.  Their silence will be broken by the voice of their boss saying, “Let’s Roll.”

I was born in the fall of 1969.  I wasn’t alive yet when JFK was assassinated or when Neil Armstrong set his foot on the surface of the moon.

I do remember the fall of the Berlin wall, the Iran hostage crisis, and Desert Storm.

I know in my 41 years on this planet there have been many historical moments that have taken place.  But so far none have impacted me in the way those events did as they unfolded that day.

We all remember where we were when we heard.  I was in the drive thru of a credit union, my second day on the job.  About 6 miles away was an airport.  As we listened on a radio, and later watched news coverage on the tv one staff member drove home to get; the sky became eerily empty.  For a few minutes we witnessed planes simply circling, waiting their turn to land as they had been instructed.  Then nothing but perfect, clear blue sky.  But there was nothing perfect about it.

It was surreal.  I guess the thesaurus doesn’t have words to quite describe the hours and the feelings we were all about to endure.  I couldn’t wait to get off work and get my kids from school.  I needed to hold them.  They wouldn’t let us close the credit union and go home, worried there could be a “run on the bank” as people panicked.  That didn’t happen.  Instead a quiet shock of disbelief hung in the air.

Once I got home with my kids and my husband, we were glued to the television.  I cried.  Didn’t you?  For the first time in my lifetime we were attacked on our soil.

We had experienced the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine Massacre.  But those were sick, twisted, crazy American’s.

This time it wasn’t one of us.  This time it meant war.

We’ve heard the names and stories of some of the heroes and I’m sure there are many, many more but we weren’t able to hear their stories.  The story of their heroic deeds unfortunately died along with them and those they were sacrificially trying to save.

That day brought us together.  Me and you.  As fellow Americans.  We all joined hands that day, figuratively.  The American patriotism hit a high the likes of which I had never seen.

Words cannot express my gratitude to the men and women who defend our country, here and abroad or to the citizens that protect our streets and lives on our own soil on a daily basis.

To those that have been left behind by one of those fallen heroes I offer my sincerest thankfulness to your loved one who gave their life for me, as an American.  I pray you will have a sense of comfort and pride as our nation reflects this weekend on the 10th Anniversary of that fateful day. 





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