I wouldn’t exactly call it lazy……

So I was in my bedroom on my wonderfully cozy bed enjoying a few moments of net surfing before I called it a night when my ghetto kitty, Kasey, kept getting on my computer.  I stroked her as long as I could but the cat hair getting on the keys wasn’t too appealing so I gently picked her up and tossed her out of my room and shut the door behind her. 

My husband and son were in the living room watching something on NetFlix when I noticed the pages on the websites I was visiting were taking forever to download.  I wasn’t concerned about my net problems; I was hoping that the slow lag on our wireless wasn’t affecting their movie.  I was totally willing to put the computer down and pick up a book if it was hindering their viewing.

Now let me preface this next bit of news with a few facts about me.  I have been known to text my kids in the morning to be sure they are up for school; I’m soooooo not a morning person.  I also have been known to make a phone call two minutes later when they didn’t return said text.

So naturally, keeping with my normal practice, I stayed put, on my bed, and preceded to text my husband to ask if my surfing was getting in the way of their show.  I heard the familiar ring of his text sound and turned my head to the left.  Well, low and behold, his phone happened to be on his night stand next to his side of the bed. 

Still concerned with whether or not my surfing was impeding their watching enjoyment, I proceeded to call my husband; loudly, due to the fact that I had recently shut the door on Kasey’s behind; and tell him that he had just received a text. 

The bedroom door opened and he came in, picked up his phone, and read.  As he looked at me, not surprised at all but more irritated, I couldn’t help but laugh.  I was so worried I was interrupting his show in one moment, and as quick as a blink, the worry faded right out the door as I focused on how comfortable I currently was with all the pillows around and behind me with my lap desk in place.  Like I said, my actions didn’t come as a huge shocker to him.  Nope, we had a good laugh and he retreated back to the living room to join Austin where he left off and I returned my attention back to the web.  Hmmmm? That’s funny, he forgot to shut the door when he left??  Hello Kasey.  Payback??? Maybe!


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